2015 Grant Announcement

Historic Preservation Partners, Inc. (HPP) is pleased to announce its Preservation Grant Program is soliciting for a round of grant applications due April 1, 2015.

HPP’s grants offer a unique and flexible source of preservation funding. The Board of Directors will consider grant applications to assist in the stabilization, mothballing, and rehabilitation of historic properties. Stabilization and mothballing grants will address buildings that are in danger of decaying beyond repair or that need help to fund essential maintenance items to prolong the building’s life while the owner develops a viable preservation plan. Rehabilitation grants will help finance small preservation projects that would not otherwise be feasible without outside assistance. The Board also will consider grant applications for funding a feasibility study, structural analysis, or development of a rehabilitation plan for prospective historic rehabilitation projects and applications from local or state historic organizations for educational classes, programs or events. HPP grants will not be awarded solely to match other public or private grant funds.

The maximum amount of grant that will be awarded to an applicant for a single project is $15,000. Applications for this round of grants must be submitted on or before April 1, 2015.

An overview and guidelines about HPP’s grant program, as well as the grant application, can be downloaded at http://www.yourhistoricpartner.com For additional information, contact Rick Kready, HPP's President at (785) 290-0072 or at rick.kready@yourhistoricpartner.com

HPP is a non-profit corporation with the primary objective to encourage and facilitate the preservation of historic structures.